Written by: Shosh

eisley-currents_cover-web“Currents” marks the 4th LP for Texan quintet Eisley. A family band consisting of 4 siblings and 1 cousin (Sherri, Stacy, Chauntelle, Weston and Garron) this pop – folk group’s newest LP is light-hearted and ethereal. Unlike their previous album “Valley,” “Currents” was recorded in Sherri and husband Max Bemis’ (of Say Anything) home studio and created without a producer. The band members had complete control over their album and took the opportunity to shape the album around their true artistry. The result was a less pop-focused album that instead warms with whimsical lyrics, flowing strings and loads of romanticism.

The album opens with its title track and dives deep into the theme of flowing currents. Stacy takes lead vocals as she dreamily chants “I would shift the currents if you had to row.” The tune feels lulling, as if being rocked by ocean waves. As the instrumentals echo the lyrics, this flowing marine theme works as a cohesive ribbon throughout the album.

“Blue Fish” and “Drink the Water” continue with this nautical theme. The latter rises with dreamy, affected vocals. Stacy’s trilling piano lines tease with lyrics “I can’t teach you,” that leaves you begging to learn more. “Milestone” changes the pace with sister Chauntelle on lead vocals. Her first full-solo track, Chauntelle’s voice is a welcome departure. Her deeper timbre rings clear and smooth and as she soars to higher notes and implores that she “can’t see how to overcome/ because [she] can’t find the secret to survive”

Other solid numbers include “Real World” with sweet lyrics “if you’re not by my side./ I won’t survive” These lyrics don’t come across as desperate or pathetic, but are simply romantic and hopeful. “Wicked Child” features even more members of the Dupree family – the youngest sibilings’ band Merriment. This song is rich and full with swirling ethereal harmonies accompanied by orchestral strings.

An extremely strong LP, “Currents” allowed Eisley to come into their own. Without the heavy hand of an outside force pushing them in any one direction, they were able to create an album that is truly emblematic of their style and skill. It focuses on what Eisley does best: pretty tunes, rich harmonies, orchestral notes and whimsical lyrics and hooks that catch your attention without forcing your hand. The beauty in the album becomes increasingly apparent with each listen and will leave you dreaming of floating along a calming current.

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