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Track Review: Bitter’s Kiss ‘The Rope’ [Video]

Baker's bright and Birdy-like voice makes "The Rope" all the more poignant as it deals with the sensitive subject of suicide. Apparently inspired by a real-life incident in her family, Baker uses her verse and music to explore this oft-ignored problem in America. Already a master wordsmith, Baker as Bitter's kiss relates to the pain of mental illness and the inner struggles it can create in beautiful poetic verse. The Johnny Cash-like outlaw country backing tune perfectly matches the churchy tone in Baker's lyrics and the style or rhyme in the verse. A simple but well-composed song, "The Rope" is a haunting first track from Baker's first album.


For those who are unfamiliar with Cantor, here’s what you need to know: he’s the guitarist for Tally Hall, he likes bananas and rice cakes, he has a solid beard, and he writes fun songs. The first single off the album, Old Bike, has a lot going on in the most glorious way. It’s one of the cutest songs you’ll ever hear about a bicycle (obviously, Queen’s Bicycle Race is the best bike song ever). According to Cantor, Tally Hall is currently “in hibernation,” so why not write a catchy ass song about a bike to pass the time?
Cathedrals | Harlem | Track Review

Track Review: C A T H E D R A L S Harlem

C A T H E D R A L S sound is listed often as "electronic," but that seems a bit unfair. There are definitely electronic elements at play, however the duo's sound seems more toward shoegazing indie, if one label can be assigned to it. Both members of the group contribute vocals on "Unbound," but on "Harlem" there is only a soft, subtle female vocal, and the backing track swells and recedes to compliment the vocals and add an extra element of pretty. It's unclear whether some of the backing music comes from actual instruments (neither member has been pictured with any), but that's what well-produced electronic music does - makes the listener question how it was all done. "Harlem" does have a bit of a trap beat behind it, but rather than limiting it to electronica, simply broadens the horizons of what this group are capable. It should be very interesting to watch C A T H E D R A L S develop in the coming months and years, and so see which genres they will mash together in their next release.

Track Review: Cillie Barnes – Veranda (RAC Mix)

In this remix, RAC's usual timbre and beat structure are nowhere to be found, and instead it seems the Dj/producer has opted to leave Cillie's characteristic Bjork-esque voice and phrasing untouched. A sample of light whistling is added to a slightly more jumpy track than the original, but the core of the song is the same. This can often be even more difficult for a remixer than chopping up the track and adding many samples, because the artist must work within the already-established structure of the original, and RAC does this in a subtle and flawless manner.

Track Review (video): Superfood’s Melting

There's not much known about pop-y yet reclusive British band Superfood here in the U.S., but their new single and matching video, "Melting" seem to be picking up some steam on both sides of the pond. Superfood seems to have formed around late 2011, playing their first known show in Birmingham. Their SoundCloud page looks like it' gearing up for an EP later this year, and there have been a few single releases since their inception 3 years ago.

TRACK REVIEW: As Animals’ Big Slap

"Big Slap" is the second single off of As Animals, and an be classified in a number of different ways. There's no mistaking As Animals indie pop prowess, with Desbonnes's strong alto ripping through some very complex and charged English lyrics. Her voice, might be compared to Pink's or, to think more indie, Florence and the Machine. Musically, the band are rooted in basic rock but in "Big Slap" there is a fair amount of electronic sampling in the drum tracks, as well as some classical samples which showcase Grange's musical background.

Track Review: Jetta “Feels Like Coming Home”

ondon-based singer Jetta has just released her second single since her first, "Start a Riot" made waves late last year. "Feels Like Coming Home" is a soulful ballad about new love and gaining hope, and it underscores the idea that Jetta's days as a backing singer for the likes of Cee-Lo Green and Paloma Faith are over and done.